Boots the Monkey

Boots the Monkey Costume

Boots the Monkey is Dora the Explorer's friend. If you have two kids, one could be Dora the Explorer and the other could be Boots the Monkey. Dora, in the TV show, is a 7 year old Latina girl and Boots the Monkey is her best friend.

Making a Boots the Monkey costume shouldn't be too difficult.

You will need these items to make a Boots the Monkey Costume:

1. Red Boots (obviously)

2. Grey sweat shirt with hood and sweat pants. If you can find ones that are somewhat on the blue side that would be best.

3. Matching fabric to make the tail and the shocks of hair on the top.

4. Pink fabric for the insides of the ears.

5. Thread. You will need some thread as you are making the tail.

6. Fabric glue.

7. Butter Yellow fabric. I think something a bit furry, such as fleece would be a good choice.

8. Pink gloves

9. Pink face makeup or a mask. Personally I would go to a Halloween store and buy a Boots the Monkey mask, that way there is no face cleaning job after Halloween is over.

10. Stiff piece of wire for the tail. I would use a straightened wire clothes hanger.

11. Thin cotton batting or other material to give shape to the tail.

How to make the Boots the Monkey Costume

1. Lay out the yellow fabric on the front of the sweat shirt and cut a shape like a long bib that reaches from the neck to the bottom of the sweatshirt.

2. Carefully lay the sweatshirt flat and use fabric glue or sew the yellow fabric in place.

3. Cut a piece of yellow fabric to go from the top of the sweat pants to to just below the belly.

4. Carefully lay the sweat pants flat and glue the fabric in place. Try to have the edges of the fabric on the sweat pants line up with the fabric on the sweatshirt.

5. Cut a long 2 inch wide strip of the yellow fabric . The length of the this piece will be approximately the length of the tail. I suggest 18 inches long as a starting point.

6. Fold the fabric in half lengthwise and sew the edges to gether to make a tube. Leave the last 2 inches on one end unsewed. The unsewed end will be the base of the tail and attach to the sweatpants. Cut the unsewed end to make attachment flaps.

7. Sew one end closed in an arc. The arc will make the end of the tail rounded.

8. Now the hard part! Turn the tail piece inside out. (well, actually it will be outside out with the stiching on the inside.)

9. Use a piece of the yellow fabric to make the end of the tail using the same method you did for the rest of the tail.

10 Slide the yellow end over the tail and stich it in place.

11. Cut the stiff wire to match the length of the tail. Use pliers to bend over both ends so they aren't going to poke.

12. Wrap the wire in cotton batting so it just fits into the tail.

13. Insert the wrapped wire into the tail.

14. Cut a small slit in the back of the sweatpants where the tail will attach.

15. Feed the unsewed end of the tail into the slit and spread it out flat against the inside of the sweatpants. Securely sew the tail in place.

16. Curl the end of the tail to look like the picture.

17. Cut two pieces of the grey fabric to make the front and back of the shocks of hair.

18 Sew the two pieces together except at the bottom.

19. Stuff the sewn pieces with cotton batting so they stand up.

20. Sew onto the sweatshirt hood.

21. Cut grey fabric to make backs of the ears.

22. Cut pink fabric to make the insides of the ears. Sew the pink fabric to the grey fabric to form the ear shape with the grey fabric folded over to the front of the ears as shown in the picture.

23. Stuff the ears with cotton batting. Use just enough to give the ears shape, but not stuffed completely full..

24. Carefully mark the positions for the ears on the hood so they are at the same level on both sides.

25. Sew the ears onto the hood.

That is how you do it!


You can buy a Boots the Monkey or Swiper the Fox costume, here.